Review Time - PSYCON by Varun. T

-      Varun. T

PSYCON, a crime thriller which touches all sorts of current issues with an intellectual move is a rare outcome these days. Varun gives one such nail-biting story in his novel, ‘PSYCON’. Even the title holds special importance, the nature of the story evolved, which shall be understood only when you read the entire book.

‘PSYCON’ is a novel with a criminal plot with politics in the background shades. The story progresses with two main characters – Prateek Subramaniam and Yashwardhan Sharma, who run an IT consultant firm in Lucknow. ‘PSYCON’ is of their firm. The plot goes in this way: Prateek and Yash work and help for the ruling party in collecting funds from the businessmen. As referred, “The legal and financial ignorance of the rich landlords and business moguls of UP is a blessing for these two men”. The ruling party leader is ‘Sundarlal’ under whom these both work.

Everything seems to go fine until one day, when Acchelal Yadav, a big name in the social circles of UP goes missing.  It is also found that the six other businessmen with whom PSYCON has made dealings are missing. What has happened to them? Are they dead? If yes, who has he killed them and why? Where is Acchelal Yadav?

To know answers for all these questions, we have to travel along with the CBI inspector Ajay Kaamte, who is specially appointed by the Prime Minister into this case.

The light of importance falls on characters such as Paglu Yadav, Dharmendra Singh Meena, Samrendar Singh, Sundarlal Yadav, Shruti Lal, PM Doshi and few others. The story goes in an anticipation of finding the truth and the most thought-provoking part is how Prateek and Yash get the balls of the seven businessmen. The story beats around the bush and then comes the climax, leaving you gob smack, the kind of crime tales.

The plot which itself being an out of ordinary choice, the author Varun has given full justification to its narrative and writing style. You will love this novel with its every ups and downs of the investigation to unfold the crime sequence.


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