Review Time - Parrot Under the Pine Tree by Surendra Pratap Singh

Parrot Under the Pine Tree
                                                    - Surendra Pratap Singh

‘Parrot Under the Pine Tree’ is one such story which will uplift your mind and soul to a state of pure and divine existence. The plot, with love and repentance as its base, has got a sublime narration which makes the novel to stand unique from rest of the crew.

The story opens beneath the coldness of the Himalayan mountains, in the spiritual blessing of Kausani. The place itself holds a heavenly gorgeousness which will lit up a mortal’s aesthetic sense. The loveliness of the climate and the attractiveness of the place can be enjoyed through the words selected by the author to give its intense actuality.

It is in this magical circumstance of Kausani, two adolescent hearts find and fall for each other. Vedanta, a young man who has come to the place in quest of his mind’s dispute on his life, accidentally meets a philosophical stranger who gives a hint on Ved’s life.

Ved, being unsure on believing his words of getting a soulmate in Kausani, is completely taken aback when he finds Saranga. Like a portrait of a beautiful angel, Sara come into Ved’s life and give meaning to his existence.

Like a fairy tale, their love is knitted to marital bond and their journey is made blissful with each other’s endless love and care. A year later, they are blessed with Dhruv, as a symbol of their pleasant love life.

Everything goes well until one fateful night which tears the hearts apart by a sin being committed by Ved. With hope and repentance as his only leftovers, Ved tries to get back the pure love of Sara. But Sara, who is unlike any other usual woman, is not ready to give him a second chance. Both destine to go to the divine land Kausani, with each believing yet another magic to happen in their lives.

Will that magic happen again?? Does Saranga give Vedanta a second chance?? What has happened in Kausani??
To unfold the knots, turn the pages of this superlative love tale, ‘Parrot Under the Pine Tree’.

The author, S.P. Singh, has given a classic touch to the novel with certain supernatural elements been pinned into it. The elevated language with subtle and pure narration has given the work an epic appearance, making it an iconic tale. Each chapter being opened with a phrase, giving a crisp of philosophical view or of a scenic beauty, are added stones to the crown.

Parrot Under the Pine Tree – An Enigmatic Expedition.


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