Review Time - The Highway Man by J. Alchem

The Highway Man
-        J. Alchem

The book unfolds the crisp of life which is penned into the shape of three profound tales, being veracious. Three short stories, which are entrenched with emotions, closeness, pains and more with the truth of life being hidden and is likely to be encountered by the reader.

The first story ‘Catherine’ is philosophically deep. We are introduced to a physician, the protagonist, who faces one such case to be remembered forever.  Dr Rusenvelt gets to know about the problem of Nicholas Sieum, author of the New York’s bestselling series, also his favourite. Nicholas has been into writing for the past 15 years and his books have three things unchanged. One, the male protagonist, Amay. Second, the female protagonist, Catherine and the third, Love. And now, Nicholas Sieum is in love with Catherine, the fictional heroine of his tale. His love for Catherine is boundless that he has started to live with the person, who doesn’t exist. This tale will move the reader immensely and will pinch the heart as we come know that how much an author falls for the character he has created so that he himself forgets that it is a fictional character.

The second tale is ‘Sidzy, for a day’. This may look like any other usual read of love, but the charm is sprinkled in each sentence. The way how a wife wishes for her husband to be and how much a husband does to make her wife happy, sweet little surprises and the forever love between Jihan and Sidzy will even make you blush, which remains till the end.

The third and final story is ‘The Highway Man’. This story bears much significance, with it letting us know the facticity of life.

“Life is not about missing what is gone but counting and cherishing what you have”
-          Quoted from the book.

This is the ultimate truth given in the story. Sometimes we need a stranger to make us know the worth of the life. Here in this tale, the void in the life of Rohan and his son Ayaan, due to the death of Ayaan’s mother Sunaina is an unbelievable and unbearable verity for them. Rohan is unable to find a way to show the light in Ayaan’s life as he himself is living in the depth of the darkness. But then, the day comes, where a stranger (later named as “The Highway Man”), comes into their life as stranger and leaves them, taking away the stranger between the son and the father.

These three tales, simple yet deep in approach, will touch the soul constantly, rendering with reality. The author J. Alchem has written in the way that the reader can easily put into the shoes of the characters, which will make us fall for the story even more.

The Highway Man – A man by life, For life. 


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