Review Time - Principles of Success Made Easy by Dr Roopleen

Principles of Success Made Easy
                                - Dr Roopleen

‘There comes a phase in your life when you are completely down and feel it cannot get any worse. It is during these difficult times that you need to think positive and keep your morale high. Hold on to your dreams and believe you can succeed. Bounce back and tale life ‘Head-on’. Well yeah, this book starts with such motivational lines which will gear up your enthusiastic level.

“A journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a single step”
                      - Lao Tse

Life is something more than just beautiful for those who have hope in their heart and confidence in their mind. People without hope and confidence will not be able to appreciate the lessons given by the failures in life. There must be something to feed on you and such a booster is ‘Principles of Success Made Easy’.

The author talks about the 14 easy steps to climb the ‘Ladder of Success’, which covers almost all significant topics including Personality check, how to get motivated and stay motivated, Ways to build self-confidence, Positive and negative visualization, Hard work, Perseverance, Discipline and much more which shall be the brick to build up the castle of your hope.

It is necessary to grasp every single point spread under the chapter, so as suggested by the author, do read one chapter at a time in order to enlighten your mind to a greater extend. Applying the given principles into your life is much more important. Each line in the chapters will act itself as a motivational tonic which is sure to hold your mind with its root. The thirteenth chapter, ‘Be a Winner’ has been my favorite part and you shall enjoy that only if you read the book from its neck to the bottom. Quoting words of greatest personalities are added ice to the top of the cake.

The author, Dr Roopleen, herself being a die-hard advocator of positive thinking and self-motivation, has evidently succeeded in sowing the seeds of hope in the mind of the readers. The do’s and don’ts given altogether will act as a key to the door of success. Why wait when you have the key for success in a distance of a stone’s throw? Grab the book ASAP.   


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