Review time - Oh my Goddess by Rohan Govenkar

                                                                     Oh my Goddess!
              - Rohan Govenkar

Bored of this weekend?
No plans for the day??
Trying to kill the time???
Is your mood all set to ride along the thriller, spooky, suspense yet lovable and intelligent roller-coaster with unexpected turns and twists??
If yes, then go with the book ‘Oh my Goddess’ written by Rohan Govenkar.

You will be left all charged from the first alphabet to the last of the tale with it’s out of the box plot.

‘Oh my Goddess’ has got two sub-plots that connects at certain point and travels towards one conclusion. We have three parts in this story. Part one introduces is to each character and their roles and living. In part two, the action rises with story built with seriousness and the third part derives the conclusion with so many unexpected twists.

First plot goes with two mischievous boys from Mumbai, Jackie and Kalpesh. Both beings jobless, earn a mere amount through their prank videos which they unload in the YouTube. But it doesn’t give them the money they expect to make a living and so they finally go with a plan to make one last full length movie. On making the movie hit, they plan to get settles with the money they earn through it.

Naveen, the protagonist of the second plot. He works for a rich firm namely ZAVERI GEMS INTERNATIONAL. Naveen is indebted to a local don Atlaf bhai, who under the order of an underworld don Sudhakar Shetty, has helped Naveen with his studies and job, which is indeed for their own hidden purpose. Naveen has loved Jessica in his college days. He had gone crazy for her just like the rest of the boys, still knowing that he is in no level to match the rich girl. Back now to his present, Naveen comes to know that Zavier’s daughter will take over the business then and her name is Jessica. Naveen prays that she shall not be the same girl, whom he has loved more than his own life.

In part two, the plot takes up a rising action. Kalpesh and Jackie plans for the shoot. As the story is horror, they need a villa which will be perfect for their story and they luckily manage to get it from Perviz. Then they hire two prostitutes to be the actresses. The house is set with properties with the help of a caretaker of the villa and they are all set. Just before the three hours from the start of the shoot, Perviz call them and urge them to leave the house immediately. He pleads them to postpone the shoot for three to four days. The team leave the house, depressed.

Meanwhile with Naveen, the things which he hasn’t dreamt in his worst nightmare happens. The boss girl Jessica is the same on whom he loved in his college days. Now, with her around all the time, he falls for her much more. Naveen finally makes a plan. A plan which will go with the proposal of Atlaf bhai and which will also help him to get closer with Jessica. The plan seems to be readily accepted by Sudhakar Shetty, as two men comes to meet Naveen to know the sketch. As said by Naveen, both him and Jessica are kidnapped and kept as hostiles in a luxurious villa, which is accidentally the same villa left by Jackie and the crew.

Everything goes as per the plan of Naveen and with Naveen all around the time, his care and his protective nature makes Jessica to fall in love with him. With this, Naveen’s plan finally seems to get succeeded. Meanwhile Zavier, with Dexter – the security in-charge and few policemen, makes his attempts to find Jessica. We can see the depth father-daughter relationship with Zavier who is ready to do anything for his princess. Dexter, who from his side collects as much evidences as possible, which he is not ready to say until they get Jessica back safe.  

Part three takes its course towards the conclusion with more twists and turns making the tale much more interesting. Kalpesh and Jackie gets into trouble because of the two actresses, who are none but prostitutes, then Naveen and Jessica are released, but Dexter and his family gets into the trouble. Finally, when everything seems to go well, there comes a huge blow which hits the life of each person into different directions. This part holds much significance and it has turned the novel a nail-biting tale.

The author, Rohan Govenkar, gives us a different experience through his novel. Whatever you guess to happen net in the story will be proved wrong every now and then with turn of each chapter. The curiousness given by the plot is justified in the end, the climax of the novel will completely surprise you.


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