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*It's only after reaching the shore,
We like the sea;
Likely, it's after our hair turns gray,
We understand life.

The happiness of yesterday gather together,
Makes the now, present, meaningful;
Likely, today's, the happiness of the present,
Will show us a meaning for tomorrow.

To live the life I haven't lived
Am reaching up without any hesitation/tired;
To satiate the deep hunt of my soul,
Am recovering today, here..
Am ruling here, today...

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**I look at myself as if I am someone else,
Casually, with nothing to hold,
As clear as the flame;

I am living in a depth,
Where even I don't exist
I was born as a mirror,
I am becoming whatever I see (as now I am a mirror)

Just like a cat that brushes between the legs,
Life is enough to that point;
Then you will be tempted to admire the beauty of whatever comes after that;

I will be just myself,
I will live all through the day,
I am forgetting the boring life of pretending (to be someone else);
Am living most gracefully/beautifully;
Am becoming a linctus (the liquid form of sugar).

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***The falcon travels along with the wind,
Beautifully, without any path,
All by itself..

Like a stone that goes to the depth of the water,
Renouncing the sound,
Am drowning into the sight I see...

Like the attitude of that of a crow that sleeps upon the Bullock,
I will be on the earth;
Will hold hands with the earth
And walk along with its flow..

Some burden/laden raises,
And it's giving a depth,
The moment I live like a mother,
A lullaby is singing..

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Each time when I listen to this song, it not only touches my soul, but then rejuvenate me totally. An unsaid truth and unsuccessful desire is what this song means to me. The Tamil lyrics of this song (the real version) is too deep and bundled with meaning. Nothing can beat it. And here, I have given my best to justify the lyrics.  And am damn sure you will love the video version of this song. Visit it here: 


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