Review Time - Karma by Kevin Mishra

      - Kevin Mishra

The cover page of the book itself will unmask the creepiness which is crawled inside the pages. ‘Karma’ is a psycho thriller novel. The reason to refer ‘psycho’ will be known at the end, yet with an inconsistency.

Karman Malik is the protagonist of the novella. The story opens with an incident of tense, where three men who have committed a murder are in an urge to bury the truth. With a pause, the story then will be resumed after eight years of that incident.

In the course of the tale, we come to know that the corpse is of none other than Urvi, the wife of Karman Malik. With passing of time, Karman lives an isolated life, accepting the bitter fate. But then one night, his peace is ripped away as he sees his wife in front of his house, who has come from her death, after eight long years…

Karman is unable to believe her existence, but also not able to deny her presence. The real shock hits him as a thunderstone when Urvi reveals herself to be a Monster. She has come to seek Karma by killing the ones who has brought her death, but then she kills a few others reasoning her existence with blood as food.

On the other side, Inspector Hemraj Chaubey who deals with this case derives a pattern and comes to know about the death of Urvi which has happened eight years ago, somehow relates to this serial killing. When Chaubey tries to get into the track, he is bewildered to see each lead getting murdered.  But finally, they reach the murderer, who is unfortunately not Urvi. The sharp turn in the climax will leave you amazed and at the same time, puzzled.

The author Kevin Missal has brought out the novella in a simple yet catchy way. Simple because, the reader can easily visualize the story, catch because reader can feel the chill of terror.

Karma – Won’t stop until you defeat.


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