Review Time - Demons in My Mind by Aashish Gupta

Demons in My Mind
         -  Aashish Gupta

It has been a long time since I have felt so helpless and disturbed after completing a book. May be, it has been a long time since I have picked a good book to read. My soul has almost become numb with letting my mind to grasp the thoughts from the book. It’s just not about the emotions but an enlightenment in which you can sink and stay protected at its darkest depth. ‘Demons in My Mind’ is such a book, in which the author gives importance to one point that he wants to get into the minds of the readers. “Never let your mind to rule you”

The story opens with an old man Dakshesh, who wishes for nothing but painless death. He suffers from cancer and the pain is slaying. As Dakshesh has been so noble and kind with his village people, with no other choice left, accept the old man’s desire to see ‘The Three Monks’. The problem is that the villagers have neither seen the three monks nor they know even if they really exist. It has been a story from the forefathers to them now, developing about their deeds. But its still mysterious.

Dakshesh believes that the three monks will rescue him from his death by their divine powers. But once being surrounded by them, he is completely taken aback when they say themselves as no true saints with divine powers but have committed most abominable crimes, for which they hide from the world.

Dakshesh who is unable to believe this, further asks them to tell about themselves. After giving much thought, the three monks say their tale to Dakshesh. The way how the tales of the three is interconnected will leave you bewildered. I don’t want to reveal the three tales of the monks, not even am going to leave a hint on it. I want everyone to enjoy and get enlightened by the tales. Try to dig the deepest meaning hidden inside the book and you shall find yourself a way ahead of everything else.

The three tales are formed under one base “Mistakes committed by uncontrollable minds”. I shall spill the beans by uncovering certain philosophical wordings given in this book. The quotes which I have relished while reading and relating it are:

"Love is more infectious than hatred, because it will come back"
"Pain is physical, but its intensity is mental"
"You and your mind are separate entities. The mind is a great friend to have, but it can also be the worst foe"
"An uncontrollable mind is one in which the wrong seed has been sown and nurtured. It has no moral barriers. It has no limits"
"An artist’s mind is as dangerous as it is beautiful. We unsharkle our minds to wander loose in the universe in order to bring inspiration from its deepest corner – a journey that also leaves it susceptible to its many dangers"
"Sometimes the biggest questions put forth by life are the answers we were looking for"

Aashish Gupta, has undoubtedly attempted the best way to point out the greatest mistake we claim. It’s not us, but the mind that controls us. Never let the demons in your mind to lead you, which will bring your worst nightmare in front of your eyes.

Demons in My Mind – Will haunt you forever. 


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