Review Time - What's your story, Stranger? by Damini Aggarwal

What’s your story, STRANGER?
                            -Damini Aggarwal

It’s such an amazing experience to have read a book with characters which will precisely inspire you.

To start from the plot, it is simple yet with complex twists. The story revolves around four main characters portrayed for their goodness:
Vasu, a valiant attorney who has lost his wife Meera due to some deceit;
Meera, who dies when she fights to tear the mask of a big-shot;
Bani, a young girl bubbling with enthusiasm, who looks forward to achieve her dreams and goals;
Aayan, someone who is troubled with his terrible past but without losing hope he stands up in his life and also holds the hand of his love towards the end;
Mr. Kapoor is the characterized villain of the plot.

The story starts opens with two different plots with Vasu and Meera paired in one while Bani and Aayan leads the other. But as the story unfurls, the characters are united to fight for one good cause. The character justification is remarkable. Vasu touches the tragic shade, Aayan though brave sometimes lose himself being tied to his past. There is a wonderful connection made by the author between the two female characters, Bani and Meera – both literally live through their words, all through the novel.

One thing I have loved the most than the other things of the plot is that the way the author has built the female characters in the tale so strong and motivating.

Bani, portrayed as the strong character in the story will also leaves a strong impression among readers; the melancholic life of Vasu will pain your hearts while the love of Aayan will soothe your soul. Meera’s character actually ties everyone together and each word of hers will rest in your mind.

The narration is splendid with each word being carefully chosen by the author. She has done a brilliant job. Deep down the tale we have a moral purpose buried for which the characters struggle. It never looks like the first book of the author. As mentioned in the tale,

‘What comes easy, never last long
What lasts long never come easy’

Keep writing Damini! All the best wishes!! 

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