Review time - The Lost Arcanum by Navin Reuben Dawson

The Lost Arcanum
             -Navin Reuben Dawson

What on earth have I read? I mean, Man, this book it just outstanding! An incredible work which will literally kick your brain open and enlighten you with its facts. A book which will actually make you think. A touch of Dan Brown.

The start of the story itself will make you conscious about what the plot is up to. It first will look like a subplot standing out of the main plot, but with the course of the tale, both the plots blend up eventually well. To pull out the essence of the tale as in one-liner, we can plainly say it’s a treasure hunt and the treasure is something called ‘The lost Arcanum” – which withholds the secret of our origin.

Jake Stephens is our protagonist who takes up the treasure hunt, without aware of the treasure he is seeking, through the riddles structured by his father, George Stephens. Jack strongly believes that ‘The lost Arcanum’ is something immensely great because few have chosen to give up their lives, including his father, rather revealing the secret.

We may assume that the real twist of the tale is when Jake finds that his father and his companions have been murdered in order to keep the secret unrevealed. But the author actually fools us here, as the book is completely packed with uncountable twists and turns, till the turn of the last page. The readers will be curious to know how the past events will be explained and the suspense of what will happen to the main characters is held till the end.

Anyone can enjoy the adventure taken by Jake. The narration and the plot keep us engaged to the tale from the very start to the end. I wish it has been a never-ending adventure.

With each puzzle solved, we will get the knowledge by some astonishing facts, bewildering us. The use of diagrams, symbols in the plot have added to the credits and yes, symbols play an important role. And I personally advice the readers to keenly observe the moves of each character, which will make you enjoy the tale to the fullest with each turn. The book has got something to point about everything which has made it mind-blowing.

The way how the author relates and connects the fact to the fiction is remarkable and brilliant. Deep beneath the plot, hidden are the simple truths like how humans are being selfish, the root of our origin, the greatness of our country and the past generations, how we blindly believe religion when it’s not created by Almighty and something more.

‘The Lost Arcanum’ is a book which prefers reaching your mind to heart. This is a book everyone need to read and have and I wish this book shall reach more people for them to understand the real lost Arcanum explained in the book.  

P.S. The cover pic says it all.


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