Review Time - Kalki by Kevin Missal

                      -Kevin Missal 
(Book 1)

I am a mere reader when it comes to adventures, mythologies, histories… but then, Kalki is an exceptional case; a plot and writing that has kept me stoned with the book, till the turn of the last page. As said by our young author, the book is of complete fantasy and of pure fiction, has got nothing to do with the Purana.

From my point of view. The plot idea is rather simple and clean.

‘A hero is born only with a price;
Here, Kalki, the saviour of world, is born with the price of deaths of his near and dear ones.’

With Mythological elements, concept of rebirth, Dharma and Adharm, battles and wars, and a slight crisp of love being encompassed, in reference over historical tales, the book looks much more realistic.

The justification of characters and settings, the way each chapter holding importance to the overall story, the narration of events, the concept of politics, crime, fight, war, bloodshed, love, revenge together plays an important role and is implied in each important character of the plot, which has added the credits.

The book is sure to give the reader all sort of emotions, starting from love to humour and will also has a light of wisdom. Though Kalki is the protagonist, Kripa is my favourite character, who always have made me bound with the story.  An inkling of suspense is rooted in the middle and it find its way at the end, but the author challenges us to hold for the next novel.

On the whole, Kalki is a must read and I am glad to have read such a wonderful tale from a young and an aspiring author.

P.S. The cover pic is just wow!!  


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