Review Time - Dialysis 2121 by Sujata Kohli

Dialysis 2121
          -Sujata Kohli

One such tale which will be an eye-opener for the people who treats every doctor equal to God. It’s not that every doctor and every hospital run behind money; but a complete white cloth will be hidden behind one dot of black stain on it. Also, if we can find remedy even without medicines, then why to bother about it?

In this book, the author has said about her journey of life with her mom. She, being the youngest daughter, admires and loves her mom, to the sky. She now and then wonders how her mom doesn’t complaint about anything, how brave and bold she carries herself around, how much she supports her family and more than that, how much care and support she has for her children.

But nothing is more painful than to see your mom, the one who has been your world, your friend, your travel partner and everything, dying in front of your eyes.

The author narrates about the excruciating phase her mother goes through the last stage of life. The author has nailed the end by expressing how much trouble has been caused to her and her dear mom through words. The articles of Prof B.M. Hedge being included, it is an added cream to the cake.

The story may not be gripping from the beginning and I shall say it need not to be. Because, it is not a romance fiction to be so, but reality. The narration is, I have felt, as if the poetic lines have been rephrased into prose. The author has penned it with an aim to evoke awareness in the minds of the readers and I believe, she has clearly achieved the purpose.

P.S. The cover picture holds the key symbols used in the book. 


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