Review Time - The jingle of a mingle by Dr. Preethi Batra

The Jingle of a Mingle
         - Dr. Preeti Batra

I am completely awestruck after reading this stupendous tale. I mean, it is just wow!! Which shall I say about? The problems between the generations dealt at the surface level or the way how the depth of love is proved in a unique manner?? Everything about this book is just phenomenal.

The tale opens with Kavita, a middle-aged housewife running her family perfectly fine amidst all the chaos that is often raised due to the misunderstandings between the elders and the youngsters of the house. Trying to bring the thoughts of her in-laws and her children under one roof, is indeed an uphill task for Kavita. Yet, with a caring husband like Anil and her loving family, she feels content until one day!

Kavita unexpectedly meets her old friends, through whom she realises that her blissful love towards Anil is lost somewhere behind the family mayhem; it’s the same time when Anil also fathoms that his love towards Kavita is irreplaceable.

They both fall in love all over once again, but they tend to do it in an √©lite style, which I don’t wanna disclose and this is where the actual story unfurls. But all I wanna say is, due to whatsoever they have done, Kavita and Anil, knowingly or unknowingly settle things between the elders and the youngsters. Adding to the cake, something more idyllic happens in the end, all because of the well-planned setting by Anil.

Life may become tough at times; but with the right person to love, knowing that he will support you in every step, you can achieve anything. The same happens in the life of Kavita.

I extend my words to appreciate the narrating style, which is eloquent and the reader can easily get into the tale from the very start. I recommend this book for every woman out there, especially for the ones who feel love fades by time and age; goes dead behind the family hitches and glitches.  

What I have loved the most about the story is that the tale starts from the point where any other tale of this contemporary usually ends. It opens with the chaotic life after marriage and ends with the regain of love and personal space, bringing peace in the family, amidst the fallings-out. 


  1. Thank you so much for reaching the depth of the story. I am overwhelmed.

    1. It's my pleasure. Keep writing. All the best :)


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