Review Time - My Mute Girlfriend by Himanshu Rai

My Mute Girlfriend
                                 -Himanshu Rai

“That’s what true love, isn’t it? Helping the other person grow by constantly breaking and making them at the same time? Not the way you want them to be but the way they ought to be”
Novoneel Chakraborty

LOVE – a four letter world holds an endless sea of emotions. Love never dies with people; true love actually is born when love connects with the soul. ‘My Mute Girlfriend’ is an epitome of such immense love.

The author narrates his story through the protagonist of the novel, Rohan. Rohan is introduced as an ordinary boy, who is behind his school crush Navya. He thinks that he is truly in love with Navya until he meets Vaidehi, who sweeps him by feet at the very fist sight. He joins the same college opted by her, just because she will be there.

Though Rohan believes Navya is his girlfriend and what he has felt for Vaidehi is just an infatuation, everything upturns once he is into the college. It starts as friendship but soon Rohan finds himself fond of her and slowly his memories of Navya gets faded with time. Vaidehi is shell shocked when she comes to know that Rohan hasn’t confessed his love to Navya. But soon the time comes when Rohan realises that what he feels for Vaidehi is true love and he confesses his love to her but unaware that Navya has buried her love for him.

Vaidehi, already being attracted by him, accepts the love by blowing a kiss. Their love tale starts from there but Vaidehi insists Rohan not to reveal their love to anyone; unfortunately, he is unable to hold his secret from his friends. The best part about this love tale is that Rohan has got the best kind of friends who have understood him and support him in his hard time, like true friends are meant to be.

Rohan is very happy with his life until one fateful night. He calls Vaidehi and the response he gets from the other side is quite unexpected. From the very next day, Vaidehi completely turns away from him. She starts ignoring him besides all his craziness and madness. Rohan take immense pain to prove how much he love her but all in vain. He leaves no stones unturned to get her back in life but then Vaidehi turns into a mute girlfriend.

From this part of the story, the readers will be in the verge of tears. The way how Rohan suffers will pin our heart with ache. But then, this story being a reminiscence recalled by Rohan, we will be raised by questions.

What has happened to Vaidehi? Why did she become a mute girlfriend? Did she really show attitude or if not, then what is the reason??
The last part of the story holds answer for these questions and it sure will bewilder you.

Apart from being a true story, the style of writing and the narration of author is done in a remarkable way. The author knows the right way of holding the suspense and curiosity level of the readers. The tale is written in a gripping manner and this makes you want to read it in a go. The words are simple and hand picked in a way that will easily pierce through the heart. The letters included in-between have actually added to the credits.


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