Review Time - All That Is Unseen by Sahil Bhambri

All That Is Unseen
                -Sahil Bhambri

Illusion and Reality:

You live in illusion and the appearance of things
There is a reality, but you do not know this.
When you understand this, you will see that you are nothing
And being nothing, you are everything that is all.
                                                                      -  Anonymous

I am speechless and wordless to express and pen my thoughts after reading such a heart-wrenching tale. Where shall I start? Everything about this book has become so dear to me!

To put the plot of the story in simple words: Arav is the protagonist of the story. He is a fantabulous writer and an unending hunter of art. He loves art so close to his life but he undergoes a mental trauma. He is troubled because of that and he struggles to come out of it.

This is when Arav meets Nasia, an Artist. Arav feels attracted towards her in the very first meeting and later he realizes, Nasia understands him so well. Truly, Nasia does and gradually they are knitted to each other and fall in love. After knowing the problem of Arav in depth, they go to Paris along with Samaira, Nasia’s sister. Everyone believes that the trip has been a life-changing one for Arav, but the end will give pain to your heart and will leave you in the verge of tears.

The two things I have loved most about this novel are, first, the way how the author draws a thin line between the illusion and reality, which is deep down connected with the life of a writer, here the protagonist.

Second thing is the pure love that lives between Arav and Nasia; a writer and an artist. The author has expressed the love in a way which will make you feel that the person has lived through it. The life of the tale is, indeed, embedded in the words. I cannot detach myself from the tale, as the climax is such a tragedy. It literally broke my heart.

To comment about the narration, the author has chosen a language level, which will both linger in your mind and hold you to the tale. The setting goes well with tale, especially Paris, the city of love. The character justification is also remarkable with each character having its own specific and distinctive representation. The poems of the protagonist will travel deep into your soul. 

Dive deep into the tale, find the essence of the nectar and then, the story will never leave your heart. 


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