Review Time - Saturated Agitation by Surabhi

Saturated Agitation
-    Surabhi

The title of the novella will give you a zest of the story. ‘Female’ – it is not only a term that focuses on feminine qualities; just, not always! What if the deep anger bursts out one day? What if the so called weaker sex takes hold of justifications? Do you want to know? Then here I present, ‘Saturated Agitation’. A novella with ‘Feminism’ deeply seated.

Ekta James Kapoor, the protagonist of our story, is one among the five richest people. She is a young, beautiful and elegant business woman. Though have lost her parents in the age of five, Ekta has now reached heights in her young age of 21 and her fame sets no limit. The way she manages the J.K. Industries, her knowledge in business field and her interest in serving the society, especially for women are remarkable, which makes her identity noticeable, not only in India but worldwide.

Amisha Jha, is the personal secretary of Ekta. Both girls being the same age group, they easily build a good and decent friendship. Amy always keep her limits though Ekta treats her as a sister after office hours, which turns their friendship healthier. Amy is the ‘only friend’ in the lonely life of Ekta. Amy stays with her aunt and she lives a content life. Ekta and Amy runs a mechanical life with much of their time spent in office. Still, they live a happy life but seems fate doesn’t like it that way.

Amy’s aunt, a middle-aged woman, is brutally raped and killed, the news comes as a tremor to both the girls. It was the time when the city has come across many such happenings, but when it happens to someone who is so dear to you, the pain will have struck you badly. Same with their life.

Amy is completely shattered and Ekta offers her to accompany her in her mansion, not giving a thought about marriage, they both adopt two babies and start a new chapter of their life. Amy’s mother lives with them, taking care of the children when Amy and Ekta are away, running behind the business. Meanwhile, Amy finds something fishy with Ekta’s activities.

Amy has seen the bossy attitude and the friendly nature of Ekta. But when she discovers the other hidden side of Ekta, she is completely taken aback. Amy somehow knows the hatred of Ekta towards man, but when she comes to know about the reason and its aftermath, she is totally blown.

Are you eager to know what is up with Ekta? Do you wanna know the aftermath? Then run through the chapters of ‘Saturated Agitation’.

The author ‘Surabhi’ has penned the novella in such a way that your emotions will be stirred up. As a woman, I can feel the pain embedded in the carefully picked words. I thoroughly have enjoyed the tale, and I want every woman to read, feel and realize the depth of the novella.

Saturated Agitation – Not easy to tranquil.


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