Review Time - Dreams Implant by Partho Bose

Dreams Implant
-      Partho Bose

A tale of thriller mystery always has its own place in English fiction. When it holds a deep suspense with so many twists and turns being packed from top to bottom of the page, will stir you even more. Such a tale is ‘Dreams Implant’ by the author Partho Bose.

The novel opens with David Bowman, the protagonist, who wakes up from an unbelievable dream, in which he sees Alexis and him have met with an accident and she dies. This dream is the seed of the novel, from where the story then sprouts up.

David Bowman is a successful businessman and has a lovely family. His wife Alexis and daughter April love him much and so does he. Their life is fulfilled with happiness until something worse happens. David Bowman is shell shocked when he discovers that the death of the wives of his three friends have happened just as the same as his dream. David is completely shocked and to find what’s happening in his life, he hunts for the truth. He tries to untie each knot, where Jane, his secretary who loves him unconditionally, accompanies him. David is confused whether the incidents are just coincidence or something serious than that.

When the truth is uncovered, we will be thrilled to know who exactly the person is. Deep below the mystery of the tale, betrayal is hidden, which will surprise you. The story revolves around the main characters such as Jane Price, Harris Steve, Harry, Chet, Jack, Martha Stone, Stacy.

The author has penned the story with an international narration, involving foreign land., which is an added cherry to the cake. Every nook and corner is pinched with suspense, which has made the tale a nail-biting novel. When light is thrown over the darkness of the mystery in the climax part, the title ‘Dreams Implant’ is justified. 


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