Review Time - The Age of Aspiration by Devinder Sharma

The Age of Aspiration
      - Devinder Sharma

One such story which will let you know much about the time when the IT Sectors and other MNC’s have found its root in our nation. The story justifies the title ‘Age of Aspiration’. An inspired Indian’s aspirations, about the Software industries and the age of its upcomers.

The story rolls back to the days of 1998 and later years, where with Ajay, the protagonist of the novel, we encounter so many incidents, which are indeed realistic, the troubles faced by him, about how he handles and overcome it. Ajay is just like a man among us, who yearns to earn and win by showing his skills. Indeed, he gets what he wants, but not just as he expects. As said by the author, ‘Ajay van be me or just you’. The common man’s problems are dealt here, which is more relatable in the present scenario.

The author has penned it brilliant as he has brought out the true things, certainly after discussing with few people. The best thing is that, we will travel through the journey of Ajay and we will be lightened about the happenings. The narration is commendable. The author has tried to bring out everything through the dialogues and conversations of the characters and he has explained even minutest things around the corner, which is rare these days.

Letting us know about the characters at the start is a brilliant move, which helps us all through the story. The writing style is creditable. The quotations found are added ice to the cake. If you want to kill the time this week end, then this book is not your cup of tea. But if you really want to know something interesting about factual things from the time of rise of the software industries and the entrepreneurship, then give it a try. You will read something more than just worth enough pick.   


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