Review Time - Kansa by Prassant Kevin

                                - Prassant Kevin

Who will ever say no for a mystic crime thriller novel, which can make you feel awe with its unexpected twists and turns?? Here is ‘KANSA’ by Prassant Kevin – a novel keeps your mind awake by haunting with suspense packed plot. The book is sure to satisfy all your needs if your hunt is for a crime thriller.

Let me give you a crisp of the story:

It starts with Maher Gupta, a woman who meets with an accident and admitted in hospital, in an unconscious state. When examined by doctor, it is found that she is taken into a mental depression and looks like she has also undergone unbearable physical tortures.

Saargi Desai, ACP handling this case, gets started when she hears from doctor that Maher may have given birth to a child recently which is proved through the stitches in her abdomen. Saargi can easily guess who have done this. Its ‘KANSA’, the person who has taken the lives of forty pregnant women and of many children and men. Not a single force has spot about Kansa for this while and later they have started to believe that Kansa is either dead or has stepped out of crimes, as the crimes have stopped three years before.

But when Saargi senses that Kansa is back, she is completely taken aback and can feel the heat of the situation. Till this, it may look Saargi is the protagonist of the novel, but then we are introduced to Professor Black, who will leave an impact of real hero in the minds after the last page.

With a short flashback, we will come to know about him completely. I like to hold the suspense for you to reveal about him. But I swear, at the end, you will badly wanna read the next series of this brilliant, mad-headed and handsome man, a definite hard nut to crack.

After giving a long and deep thought to the matter, Professor agrees to help police to find Kansa. There starts the real game of the story. Who’s Kansa? What’s the purpose of killings innumerable people?? It’s left for you to discover.

The beauty of the story is that, the crime doesn’t wait for the thriller. i.e., the crime starts with the very life of Saargi and Professor Black, known with their flashbacks, and with added crime of Kansa, the thrill accompanies and rolls on. With the turn of each page, the tense and sense are held at its peak.

No wonder that the author, Prassant Kevin has penned the novel in a brilliant way. One cannot hold back yourself from falling into the trap of the plot. The way the story unfurls, the language being simple that grips your mind to the crime, the subplots building new twists, the nail-biting climax… all these have made the book’s outcome, a successful one. In the end, you’ll curse the time which is gonna make you wait for the book two, just like me. 


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