Review Time - Hindola by Ranganath Srinivasa

-     Ranganath Srinivasa

As acknowledged from the book, Hindola is a raaga, which will stir up the emotions, with melancholy much to its key note, a feel that will keep haunting you. Only when we realize the inner depth of Hindola, we can enjoy the tone of the story. The author tries to bring out the fact that human values weigh uppermost in our value system and the speciality of women through this romantic tale.

Resembling the two raagas of Hindola and Malkauns, we have two women, Revathi and Vasundhara, in the life of Alok, the protagonist of the novel. Alok is the husband of Vasundhara and father of two children. The story opens with Alok going Udupi, to help his old in-laws. He is a novelist; his first novel hasn’t reached good heights so he plans to write his second novel with something much relatable to his favourite Hindola raaga. As Alok enters the house, he is welcomed by a mesmerizing humming of a beautiful ‘aalap’. Being a writer and lover of music, he uncontrollably falls for the beauty of ‘Revathi’ and her melodious voice.

At a point, when Alok confesses his feelings to Revathi, we can also know the attraction of Revathi towards him. Once heard about tragic life of Revathi, Alok is still moved. It is during a trip to Mysore, where Alok delivers a speech on ‘the emerging role of a modern woman’ while Revathi accompanies it with a beautiful song, steals the show, and they make love.

Emotions pours out from Revathi’s heart, who badly needs to experience the motherhood, makes Alok to get into her. Days pass and Revathi becomes pregnant. Meanwhile Revathi’s voice gets popular and she gets offer to sing for movies and at the same time Alok, who has been working on his second novel. Is affected by mental illness. Wife of Alok, comes to know about their affair through Revathi.

How will Vasundhara react? Will Alok recover from his mental illness and complete the novel? Has Revathi become popular with her singing?
To unfold the answers, get through the rise and fall of Hindola.

The author, Ranganath Srinivasa, has penned in such a way that we feel the emotions of the Hindola raaga, given birth through the words. With surface, which may look like a usual romantic tale, he has hidden certain moral values with endowment. 


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