Review Time - The Cost of Love by Saurabh Singh

The Cost of Love
           - Saurabh Singh

The value of true love can be known only from its depth. But the time when you realise the cost of love, something terrible happens to prove it. The worst part is that, sometimes the cost maybe your dear one’s life. A story which will get through your heart and leave your soul in tears, ‘The Cost of Love’ by Saurabh Singh.

A common man’s ‘Love Story’?
Yes, it is.
True love never dies. But then, something worse than that can happen. You will witness such kind of love here, the pain of which will tear you apart.

Aaryan Rathod, the protagonist of the novel, fall in love with the girl in the next door, Aarushi. It’s love in first sight. Aaryan’s love starts with her attractive face but doesn’t end with her alluring soul. Initially, Aarushi has found his love nothing but just madness. Later, after knowing about him, Aarushi is unable to hold herself from the gradual fall for him.

Meanwhile, both come to know about each other in person and their personal life, where Aaryan gets to know the painful past of Aarushi. He wonders how can a girl be so strong and independent, even after facing much troubles. Aaryan promises himself to love her unconditionally and to surround her with happiness forever. Aarushi’s only dream is to become an IAS officer while Aaryan’s is to clear the interview of Air Force.
It’s just the day before Aaryan’s departure to Mysore for his selection, Aarushi expresses her feelings. She promises to utter those words which Aaryan has died to her from her, after he gets selected. Fortunately, he gets selected for Air Force and Aarushi is more than happy. She plan a surprise welcome for Aaryan to encounter in his return, but the surprise is turned into a tragedy.

What has happened to Aarushi? Will Aaryan and Aarushi survive the trauma? Will their love enlist forever??
To know answers, grab the copy of this beautiful love tale.

The essence of love can be felt all through the book and we have an added sub-plot, which will keep you awakened. As a surprising element, the sub-plot gets along with the main plot at the right time, which the author has handled tactfully. The writing style is so simple, helping us to travel through the story with an emotional bond and the tragic part will chill your spines. The narration is so good and we can feel it with the turn of each page and the justification for characters can also be spotted. The end will leave you in pool of tears. I wish each reader shall discover the truth hidden behind the surface of this blissful love tale.


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