Review Time - Rebirth of love in 2060 by Vignesh SV

Rebirth of Love In 2060
                  - Vignesh SV

Not every book will haunt you by loading up the emotions in your heart or neither they can make you pour out those frozen feelings into words. But what if you find one such love story, which will make you want to love just like that epic love? What if you read a book which will make you yearn for your soulmate? A book, which will suit for all type of people and a love which will sooth all kind of hearts is a rare pick. So here, I proudly present, ‘Rebirth of Love In 2060’ by Vignesh SV.

I right away pen this review, soon after turning the last page of the novel, as I am unable to hold back myself. With the title of the story, the cover page and its blurb, one can easily seize the essence of the tale. Yes, as I have mentioned before, it is a love tale. But only if you get through the words full of life, you will realize that it just doesn’t fit under a single word called ‘Love’.

We have heard so much quotes on love; ‘Love is unconditional’, ‘Love is life’. But when you realize its worth through someone who has experienced from its root and tasted its fruit, then it will render in your heart forever. Such is the love tale of Bala and Keerthi, and the pages of their love story is unfolded by Karthi, grandson of Bala and Keerthi.

The novel opens with Bala, 69-year-old man, who says about the true, deep and unconditional love and the need to endure a sincere relationship to his 15-year-old grandson. Karthi, who is younger to understand the truth behind the words, still tries to take up every single word into him. But then, few minutes later, Bala leaves the world to accompany Keerthi to heaven, who has passed away just a few hours earlier. 

Everyone is astonished by their true love and Karthi is intensely affected. He badly wants to disclose the love chapters of his grandparents and in this hunt joins Karthi’s friends Ramesh and Sharaz. Three together, they unleash the love tale of Bala and Keerthi, by going behind each of Bala’s friends to uncover certain chapters of their splendid love. The first person to start it is Mani, friend of Bala. But then something unexpected happens to him and he is taken into a shock with his memory frozen to one particular picture from their old days.

Why is the death of Bala makes him unconscious? What is there in the picture? Will they be able to find the one knot which is held till the end?? With same eagerness, do order and wait for a great read.
You will unavoidably fall in love with the story, as it captures your heart. The wat how the beans are spilled through different narrators, the adventure taken up for love, everything is handled in a unique way.

Much to the surprise, like an added ice to the cake, the story being mentioned with the year ‘2060’, the technology advancements born in this tale will leave you astounded. But then, as described, the generation of 2060 has to look back at our generation to know the value and meaning of love, and the fact will give you goose bumps. If love is left aside, you will find the friendship which is held to a greater extent and it is justified through the characters and the plot. After reading this book. You will surely fall in love with this book and more than that you can realise, love and live through the pages of the novel.

Finally, to say about the writing style, the author Vignesh SV has chosen a simple style to pen an elegant and magnificent tale. The suspense level is held at its peak with melancholy touching us at each turn of the chapter. The eagerness to unfold the mystic love will stuck into you from the very start of the journey of Karthi.

Rebirth of Love in 2060 – Birth of love within you!!


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