Review Time - Inkredia by Sarang Mahajan

INKREDIA (Luwan of Brida)
Sarang Mahajan

Well, you are aware that am not really a reader of Adventure and Fantasies, but Man, this book has got into my nerves so much that at one point I badly have wanted to get inside the story, take a sword and fight against the evils. And that’s how a good book must make you feel like, right? All this is about the novel ‘INKREDIA’ from the author Sarang Mahajan.

When observed from the surface, the storyline simply goes like this:
Luwan of Brida, the protagonist, denies to pay the tax and the King sets the Ghork riders (Yes, you heard me right) to chase Luwan. Luwan and Meg (his sister) escapes Brida and with the help of Kiliarn he reaches City.

Is the plot really that simple???? Nooooooo!!

Though the story of Luwan starts with a mere brave act (mere, when compared to the rest of the happenings that follows). When you dig deep, you will find certain secrets unfolding. The Red Book, Pendant, a letter from his dead father plays a major role in attracting all the dangers scattered around Luwan and his sister, Meg.

With the magical ‘Red Book’ as his guide and completely having trust on it, Luwan takes further steps ahead. Kiliarn is the one character that plays equal role to that of Luwan in the story. He helps them fight against the Ghork Riders, Snowman and the other dark evils that are set to kill Luwan. It remains a mystery, ‘Why Luwan is actually chased’ all through the story. Not to forget the horses ‘Snow and Blaze’ owned by Kiliarn; you will once wish to have owned such extraordinary horses for yourself.

Once in Tashkrum, the City, we will get answers for certain questions such as ‘Who is Kiliarn? Why does he put his own life at risk to save Luwan and Meg? Will Luwan meet Shenoble?’ The story climaxes with that, connecting the prologue and all the loose threads of the tale.

We will come across so many new terms, but we will get to know about it through the words of Kiliarn. The cover page bears the picture of the pendant which I believe, has a lot to say in the upcoming parts, when compared to this.

The characters have got its own justifications. Luwan, unknowingly bears a huge responsibility and wonders on knowing about his own strength towards the end. Meg, stands for her brother despite of all the dangers; Narjo, a true friend who loses his life; though Luwan takes the guilt, he overcomes it with time.  Kiliarn’ a friend, in this journey. (you will know what I mean once when you read to the end)

The thrilling, adventurous and dangerous journey of Luwan and Meg from Brida to Tashkrum is narrated in an interesting manner with the help of the supernatural elements. The imagination of the author shows his brilliance, because you can spot no flaw in the flow of the story. Waiting for the next part.


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