In Quest of My Glaring Star - Part 3

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‘I don’t match him’ was the one thought that stood at the end. I slept dreaming about his eyes and losing in his arms.

The next morning, as expected, I woke up to his text.

Michael: Good morning, beautiful

And today I had made my mind, so no more blushing.

Me: Morning!

Unlike the other day, I planned to stay away from him. With other people, I at least knew I could stay for some time. But with him, the loss frightened me the very second day. He was too good for me and indeed should have a good number of stalkers. I don’t want my silly possessiveness to get over me and I couldn’t even guess how rude he would turn when he comes to know about me.

Michael: Are we going to have another day, dear?

‘Dear? Me?’ I dropped my jaw.

Me: Huh, I afraid no! Got some works to do, I’ll ping you once I get done with them. Good day to you.

Michael: Seriously??
                Good day, Amy.

‘No, don’t fall for him Amy’ I warned myself.

I turned off my mobile for the whole day and tried to concentrate on books. Mom was busy again and I didn’t want to disturb her. But thoughts of Michael, kept disturbing me. Priorities battled in my mind.

‘I don’t want to get hurt’
‘it’s not new. I can handle’
‘How long you are going to fool yourself?’
‘I don’t want to lose his friendship. I am happy after a long time. Nothing wrong in being friends’
This though swept away everything and I took my mobile. As predicted, there was a text.

Michael: Am leaving my number, Amy. Call me once you get time.

I saw his number and confused to the core. This was not the first time someone shared his number with me. But mostly, I chose not to call them or avoided; few times I dialled and ended before someone answered; merely I talked with one or two. Then, I truly didn’t know what I should do with him.

I liked him, for sure; he would not like me, that was evident. ‘should I call or not?’ Again, thoughts battled in my mind and at the end, I dialled his number.

“Hai, Michael here” he said.

My goodness… His voice… It was too deep and I felt it completely get into me.

“Hello?” he called. My heartbeat raised and I was unable to find guts to talk to him. When I was about to hang up he said,


And that was it. Hearing my name from his voice, I was done.

“Huh, hi… Mike… Michael” I stammered.

“Amy, wow! I knew you would call me” he sounded genuinely happy.

“How did you know, umm, it was me?” and I asked seriously stupid.

“Well I don’t share my number usually except for my closed ones” he spoke quickly.

‘Closed ones’ I grinned sheepishly for what he said.

“Umm-hmm” I turned pink.

“And you know what? Never received a call to hear heavy breathes from the other side” he said and laughed.

“Just kidding” he laughed again

‘Oh man!’ he knowingly or unknowingly stole my heart and right from that moment, my love for him and fear of losing him, both picked up steadily.
To be continued…


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