In Quest Of My Glaring Star - Part 2

It was one winter evening, I turned the pages of a book, unable to concentrate on the words. I glanced through the flowers and greenery spot in the garden, which wondered me like every other day.

“How long you are going to spend your time like this, Amy?” Mom sounded worried.

“Do you want to get rid of me?” I questioned blankly. But the moment I spotted her eyes, I regretted for asking such a senseless question. 

“Oh, please mom! I didn’t mean it” I threw my hands around her waist.

“I know Amy. But I seriously don’t want you to be an ignorant. Try to make friends” she kept my mobile on my lap.

“Oh Mom. C’mon. Not again!” I rolled my eyes and tried to wheel my chair when she stopped.

“Give one last try! You will find a true one this time, I promise” she said something which I heard almost every single time.

“What if not?” I looked up at her.

She took one complete minute before saying, “I’ll not force you again, until you wish next time”
Well, that was something unusual which made me smile.

“Honey!” she hugged and kissed my forehead.

“Okay, I shall bring you some cookies! Stay here” she strolled past me and I saw her attending a call.

I sighed as I took my mobile and turned it on. ‘Low Battery’ it warned as notifications buzzed up, as it had been a week.

“It must be those online games” I mumbled, but surprisingly they were not!! I was receiving text messages!

“Whoa!” I exclaimed as thirty-nine texts loaded in my messenger.

Michael: Hi…                                                                           (Tues, 11:00 PM)
                 Would you like to talk with me?                              (Tues, 11:15 PM)

Michael: Morning…                                                                    (Wed, 8:57 AM)
                 Mind being friends?                                                    (Wed, 1:00 PM)

The texts went on and on and I scrolled to the end.

Michael: Spare time to spend with me! you will never regret, Amy!         (Today, 03:00 PM)

I was taken aback on seeing it because this was the first time ‘I’ received texts from someone asking me to be his friend.

Me: Who is this?

I sent a text and waited.

“Sweety! I got to meet Mrs Walker now and do you want me to put you on your bed?” my mom called from inside.

“No mom. I’ll be fine! Bye” I shouted back without breaking my stare from the screen.

Minutes later, mom pulled a tray with cookies.

“Call me if you need something. I will be just two blocks away. Take care” she kissed my cheek and rushed away.

I kept my mobile aside and took a bite of a cookie; read few pages to distract myself from my confusion and was suddenly interrupted by the buzzing sound.

Michael: Hi, am Michael.
                Am so happy that finally you texted me 😊

‘Is this a spam or someone trying to fool me?’ thought flashed my mind.

Me: Hey Michael.
        Mind if I ask what interested you so much that you wanted to talk with me this badly?

I sent and tossed my mobile but the reply came instantly.

Michael: I checked your profile and you seem unique.

‘Unique?’ I laughed relating with the word.

Me: In what way?

I sent and my heart prayed not to get the reply I knew.

Michael: You love reading, gardening and you seem to be a girl who like to stay at home. You are neither partying around or twittering shits like the rest of the girls in the town. And I haven’t spotted a pic of you with any guy, not even your pic other than a childhood pic, which surprised me.

‘Well, you will know the reason soon’ I sighed after reading his text.
‘But hold, is he trying to flirt?’ and even before I could think further his message made me smile.

Michael: And I am not trying to flirt

Me: Haha, fine! Good knowing you, Michael. Will be in touch.

I sent; Although I really didn’t want the conversation to end, I didn’t want to rush up things too. Because I knew what was coming, or I thought so.

Michael: Sure, bye.

His text left me with no choice and our conversation ended there. Meanwhile my mom was back home. I didn’t mention about Michael as she would straightaway draft the conclusion. We had a pleasant dinner talking about Walkers and retired to bed. 

The next morning, the sound of alarm was muted by the continuous buzzing of notifications which awakened me.

Michael: Still sleeping?         7:00 AM
                Sleepyhead!           7:25 AM
                Hey, wake up!        7:49 AM
                Hello??                   7:58 AM
                Amy??                    7:59 AM
                This is bad         8:00 AM

It really did frustrate me.

Me: Hey, what’s wrong??

I rubbed my eyes and looked out through the window. It was a cold morning.

Michael: Good morning, beautiful 😊

And that washed all my anger and slumber away.

Me: Good morning, Michael 😊

I replied with a smiley and found the new day had begun in a new way.

Michael: You sleep till 8:00 AM?

Me: No big plans for the day.

Michael: That’s great. Am gonna steal your day then!

I didn’t know what to reply and abruptly the door clicked open.

“Good morning, Amy!” My mom entered and raised her brows as she clearly caught me blushing.

“Morning Mom. I am so hungry! Prepare some good breakfast please” I tried to distract her.   

“Sure!” she helped me get into the washroom and I took my mobile which was successful hid, after she left. There was a text.

Michael: Mind if I explore your world a little more?

Me: Looking forward

I took my toothbrush.

Michael: Well, then let me ping you soon after my breakfast. We shall make this day, just for us!

Me: Okay

I was grinning. I didn’t want to get hurt again, but I didn’t want to lose my happiness too. Soon I was at the table, eating the oats.

“You look bright today!” my mom complimented.

“Yeah, I brushed and washed” I replied without looking at her.

“Actually, you failed in hiding your mobile from me and Amy, you look BRIGHT today” she said and cleaned the table, leaving me in an utter shock.
Meanwhile my mobile buzzed and I bit my lip.

“Your happiness is my priority. Amy.” She took my bowl.

In few minutes, she left for work making all the acquaintance around me and promised me that she would be back by the noon. Soon after she gone, I dragged my mobile and opened the chat.

Michael: Am done…                 8:35 AM
                 Hello?                        8:49 AM
                 Slept again?               8:58 AM

Me: hey! That was my breakfast time.

Michael: Great. Let’s start with me.
                I am Michael. Graduated two years ago and now working in a supermarket for part time and do other stuffs around. I live 6 km away from you and now don’t panic, I just checked your profile.

It started with that and we shared our interests, hobbies, family, friends and more. I kept my answers short while it was only me who did explore his world. I purposely avoided the part of my accident. I didn’t want to ruin anything.

We chatted all through the morning and after lunch I took a short nap. Mom was busy with her office work and she didn’t mind me. We again resumed our chat in the evening.

I was surprised at the fact that he didn’t ask for my picture till then. I liked him for that as I didn’t want to find excuses. He was more jovial and he made sure that I was comfortable with the topic he chose. We didn’t care about the clock until it had strike 8:00 PM.

Michael: And it’s time for dinner. I think we shall end here because I don’t want to bore you in the                        
                very first day.

But I didn’t want to end and I was not bored at all; again, he left me with no choice.

Me: Yeah, will catch you tomorrow. Good night, Mike!

I said it for the first time.

Michael: Good night, Amy 😊

His text brought butterflies in my stomach. My mom helped me to bed and soon after she locked the door behind her, I checked his profile. I didn’t check his picture all through the day; I knew it was stupid but I was too engrossed by his texts. He didn’t ask for my picture and I didn’t mind for his. But I couldn’t hold myself any longer and clicked open his profile picture and that was it!!

I had my heart beating somewhere in my throat! He looked damn good, handsome, manly and what not. I forgot to blink my eyes when I got another pic of him in a black shirt that hugged him perfectly tight. He looked stunning in his new haircut. His turquoise eyes were rather torturing and it connected directly to my heart, ready to dig a hole. His check bone, Man, I just wanted to run my finger along with it. I gasped. I kept my mobile aside and covered the blanket.

‘I don’t match him’ was the one thought that stood at the end. I slept dreaming about his eyes and losing in his arms.

 To be continued...


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