Review Time - The woman who saw the future by Amit Sharma

The Woman Who Saw the Future
                                         - Amit Sharma

With the title, ‘The Woman Who Saw the Future’, you will get a glimpse of the plot. And if so, you are never going to be disappointed because the book is damn good with its unique plot. In recent times we have books of regular genres, lining up from love, friendship to crime and horror. It is not always that an author chose some distinct theme and pen it with confidence.

This story is about the woman, who sees the future. Sapna Vaid, is that woman, and the protagonist. Reading this, you may think it is either about the all good things or her own future life is what she dreams. But this is where the author fools our thoughts.

Sapna, with her parents Kalpana and Prakash, her brother Vikrant, they live a satisfied and content life just like the others. They are more understandable with each other, but then fate has its own plans. The family lose Vikrant in a train accident and each of them are troubled in their own dark void. Sapna suffers to no end and she starts writing letters to her dead brother. Kalpana and Prakash are first worried but they believe she will be alright with the pass of time. But what comes next is more unimaginable for them.

Sapna starts to get weird dreams. Scary ones, not of ghosts but of death. She dreams of people dying, which she witnesses with her own eyes being herself present in her dreams. At first, she tries to ignore them, but when she starts to remember everything vividly the next morning, and when the incidents take place the same way, who can ignore it? From here, the real story begins.

At initial stage, she is too afraid to face the dreams. She tries to hold her sleep, because she is done with seeing deaths, people screaming in all her dreams. All she wishes is to sleep peacefully and forget the dreams the next morning, just like the others. With gradual increase in the number of dreams, she fails to understand what’s happening to her and what she is going to do about it.

It is at this point, she agrees to a decision that instead of running away from the dreams by blaming it as a curse, she has to make use of her power by revealing it to the world and warning the people before the disaster or the death is going to hit them.

With this as the first half of the story, second half deals with more of her personal life, her own problems, mentality, which has made me to read in the psychoanalytical point of view. Though she is considered as the Goddess by the world, only she knows the pain she torments with the dreams. How long can a girl dream and cope up with the deaths? How long can she live for others? But once she gave in, her mind again starts to play with her.

With one mistake, her dreams start to vanish. Fearing it, she commits the next sin. What was really happening to her? What was the mistake that changed her life completely? To unleash the answers, read through the pages.

The author, Amit Sharma has done a brilliant work by choosing such an idiosyncratic plot. The story is not said by the protagonist, but the life of protagonist is seen through the eyes of the other characters of the story, which is remarkable. The story doesn’t rush up to the end, instead it gives a flawless narration. This is one good book I have read in a while.

The character justification is commendable. We have Kalpana and Prakash, parents of Sapna and Vikrant. Both face so many problems but they toil and hope for a better morning.  Saahil, the first man to whom Sapna lose her heart. His role will make us fall for his character.  Kabir, the one who, knowingly or unknowingly, is the reason for both the rise and fall in the life of Sapna. Sapna gets married to him. Aditya, son of Sapna and Kabir. The character, by whom we will come to know about the story. With him, the story doesn’t end. Mehak, Anupama and Om hold their own importance till the end in acquaintance with the protagonist. Angad, Mehak’s brother, a criminal. Though he comes at the end, he holds major importance for the sequence happening in the second half.  

These are some mere information I have given about the tale. But there are much more things for you awaiting to untie throughout the tale. This will surely entertain you this weekend.


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