Review Time - She Was the Story by Yashvardhan Awasthi

She Was the Story
                                          -Yashvardhan Awasthi

This story is one such amazing work given by a young talented author. The story is embedded with true love, friendship, relationship between father and son, ambition, pain and what not. The story unties with the protagonist Rajveer, a successful novelist and actor, says about his past story to a person, been forced by the situations.

With the flashback, we will come to know about the past life of Rajveer, his blossomed friendships and blissful love. Adhira, the girl who makes his life wonderful, is no less than his life. Both of them share such a strong bond and their love gets even stronger when they stay apart from each other.

Life seems all good and fine with everyone around Rajveer, until fate plays in his own life. The couple put their marriage proposal in the ears of their parents; Raj’s father welcomes it while Adhira’s parents neglects it for one reason; for the bitter past of Raj’s father, which compels both of them to break their bond.

But what happens next in Raj’s life completely shatters him to the ground and it takes lot of time, courage and pain to regain himself from the loss and build himself up and successful. I shall leave the climax for you guys to discover.

The author has done a brilliant work for his age. You will find no flaw in the flow of the story, the plot, the narration, the character justification. The love and pain take equal roles, which has made the tale an efficacious one. 


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