Review Time - Rankshetram Part 1 by Utkarsh Srivastava

Part 1 – Demise of the Demon King
                                                               -Utkarsh Srivastava

A mythological epic story, unfurling with the historical characters is something that don’t show up recurrently. But one such story which will enlighten you with the legend fable is ‘Rankshetram’. This story is all about the motives and causes that lead to the five days war and the endeavours in the five days war, among Humans, Demons and Nagas.

We easily get to know that the book is all about the demise of the demon king Markesh, but the actual story twitches as we get to know about Markesh, the fierce warriors, the reasons and situation which leads to the war. Though we have so many major characters, the main plot revolves around the characters of Akhand, Tejasvi, Suryam and Yugandhar, who plays an important role in destroying the demon king. Also, they have their own specialities, the boon they have got with them.

Being a mythological story, we will come across antique weapons, curses, spiritual bond between Kings, Sages with Gods, Devas and more remarkable stuffs of primeval times are embedded.

The narration of war at the end scores the credit. Meanwhile, the journey of the profound warriors to the find the divine weapons, their struggles, their courage altogether will keep your mind engrossed. The action part is narrated in a way that reader can easily picture it.

The author has opted a simple language instead of an ostentatious style, which is yet another added point, since the reader can easily get into the fiction. As said, the end of the tale is not the conclusion, but the actual beginning of the next part of this epic story. It will obviously upsurge your eagerness to wait for the next part. If you want to spend this weekend with so much action. Fight, bloodshed and war, then this is your book.


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