Review Time - Bombay Swastika by Braham Singh

Bombay Swastika
               -Braham Singh

A magnificent tale which throws light on the happenings during the Nazi Berlin time period of 1960s Bombay. Though the genre being crime, the plot gives much importance to the historical facts of the days, which will enlighten you. The thrill of the crime towards the end of the tale, scores the credit.

The plot goes around Ernst Steiger, a German Jew – refugee in India. The story opens with a Sikh driver, stealing something treasurable for American Compound. The thing passes on from one person to the another, so are their deaths. To add pain to his already painful death, the people who die are close acquaintance of Ernst. What is there in the gunny bag is an unrevealed mystery for both Ernst and the readers, until the end.

Though we have many characters, important roles stay with Salim Ali, Bhairavi, Sethji, Tufan and few more. The characters are distinctive and blends well with the plot. As mentioned, the plot concentrates more on the life of diverse people, protests, mafias, nuclear facilities and so on.

The language is sublime, an international outcome from an Indian Author. With more of the life of each characters, the narration holds a picturesque effect. Impossible to read in a go; so take your time, get into the research made, analyze the plot and enjoy the read. 


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