Review Time - Estenzic Love by Hrishitaa Paraswani

Estenzic Love
                                                -Hrishitaa Paraswani

“Oh, the heart that has truly loved never forgets,
But as truly loves on to the close” - Thomas Moore

‘Estenzic Love’ is an ecstatic love of the teens, Scarlet and Maxon. My heart has skipped a beat at the very second when my eyes have caught the cover pic and the title, for which I have read in in a go.

With Scarlet as the protagonist of the tale, we first encounter her tragic personal life. Being an orphan, she already feels the emotional turmoil which is further increased by her nagging aunt, who doesn’t take a good care of her. One night, she eloped from her house and goes into her grandfather’s, believing she can happily stay with him. But her grandfather has got his own plans and he sends Scarlet to Gloxinia Gleams Academy for her studies, promising Scarlet that it’s for her good.

Scarlet believes his words as soon as she starts enjoying her life living there. She gets acquainted with Rachel, Ashley, Ryan, Chris and especially, she feels a special bond with Maxon. They both find each other attractive and gradually fall in love.

Meanwhile we will come to know about the meaning of Estenzia, related to the story, Estenzians and other relatable stuffs, along with Scarlet. Only at this point, when Scarlet feels that her life is getting better, she finds out something terrible. Scarlet fears about Maxon over something but what will she do when she discovers that she too falls in the same category? The answer will say the other half of the story.

The tale may look just like other lover tale form the surface but as you dig deeper, you will know the hidden treasures. The narration is so simple yet gripping, holding reader to the tale. The love is blissful making your lips curve and towards the end, you will fall move for the story. The story has ended abruptly at the point when it seriously has picked up the speed. Further details in the sub plot may have entertained more, because I didn’t really want the tale to end. 


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