Review Time - Jeet Lo Marathon by Aryan

Jeet Lo Marathon

Sometimes, when you fail to trust yourself, you may need someone who believe in you and on your capabilities, more than you do. This will lead to the success, which is what happens in the book ‘Jeet Lo Marathon’ by Aryan.

Blurb of the tale:

Raj is the protagonist of the tale, who struggles a lot to cope with his life and wife. Being a man, who doesn’t have any big goal to achieve he is also unable to satisfy his wife Manasi, as a husband. Fed up by her marriage life, Manasi always complaints on Raj and regrets for marrying him. Though it hurts Raj to a greater extend, he is obviously helpless. At one point, when Raj gets fired from his office, Manasi make up her mind and leaves him to suffer alone.

‘We are always betrayed by the closest relations we have in our lives’ – quoted from the book.

Raj leaves for Mumbai, in search of Manasi but instead he Manasi, he finds himself. He gets acquainted with Monty, a friend who supports him at every point and Aaliya, a girl who loves him crazily and motivates him at each point.

‘Sometimes, we don’t know what we are capable of unless we try it for ourselves’ – quoted from the book.

Yes, with the help of these two gems in his life, Raj achieves more, which stuns everyone, including Manasi. At the end, when Raj proves himself a Hero, Manasi realizes her mistake and come back to Raj. Will Raj accept Manasi?
To know about this and to travel along with Raj’s adventure towards success, read Jeet Lo Marathon by Aryan.

I personally love the narration of author, which is so simple yet mark the importance of the story. I am in so love with the plot, which is more than awesome and motivational that you will close the book with a satisfactory smile. The character of Aaliya, as for me, has scored the credits. Altogether, this is a book which will tinkle you with all kind of emotional sensations. The way author gives value to the love part in a motivational plot, is an added stone to the crown.


  1. Very nice and inspiring book. A must for everyone who wants to live of happiness.
    Thank you Aryan for changing my life.
    Thank you Thank you Thank you


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