Review Time - Zareena by Avishek Gupta

Zareena – Of Love Forlorn
                                       -Avishek Gupta

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost,
Than never to have loved at all” - Alfred Lord Tennyson

Love may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some do not know how to love, some may even not know what is love; but the pity are the ones who knew both and do not get a chance to express it.

Zareena – Of Love Forlorn – The title says everything.

The protagonist of our tale is in this pity state, where his hunt for love lasts till the end. The way how the author narrates the tale and brings every essential setting of the plot into a short story, is something remarkable.

The plot naively circles around a single man, who has got everything but love. Finally, when he is about to catch the glimpse of love, looks like it fades all over again. Will he ever find his true love? The last few pages answers this and the author has simply nailed the closure.

The justification of the title, characters, plot and settings are incredible. This book goes well with everyone, who ever wish to read something crisp, quick, short and indeed, good. 


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