Review time - Wedding Pickle by Neha Sharma

Wedding Pickle
                    -Neha Sharma

“Love is the voice under all silences,
The hope which has no opposite in fear;
The strength so strong
Mere force is feebleness:
The truth more first than sun,
More last than star…”  - E.E. Cummings

The story plot is rather simple: an independent girl who is not sure of commitments is engaged to a guy, who makes sure everything is fine with her.

Avni, our protagonist, is a simple girl who enjoys freedom of her life and lives on her own. With a bitter past, Avni has lost hope in love and as a result, she hates the idea of ‘marriage’. But then, when she is leading her happy ‘being single’ life, her parents and her family members badly wants her to get married and they start their hunt of perfect man for Avni. Avni tries her best to stay away from the marriage. However, with no choice left, Avni finally gives in under compulsion and sentiments.

Ansh, Avni’s fiancĂ©, is a genuine and nice guy. Ansh falls for Avni instantly, showers her with his love and surprises. There arises some fights and arguments, but at the end Ansh is proved right and it is Avni who mistakes him often. Ansh does everything under the sky to make Ansh comfortable and he holds on to the marriage unlike Avni, who says to call off with every little misunderstanding.

But at the end, amidst all the squabbles and perplexities, Avni realizes that Ansh is the man who has made to fall in love, not only with him, but also with the word ‘marriage’. Avni’s confusions are flushed out by Ansh’s care and her fears are crushed out by his love.

The author, Neha Sharma, has narrated the tale in such an eloquent way. From the mood swings of the protagonist to the chaos of the Rajasthani marriage, the story is expressed in a picturesque effect. The novel doesn’t rush up at any point instead unfurls gradually in a clear manner, adding to the score. The setting of the typical arranged marriage scenario is portrayed in a remarkable way. The readers will hold a constant smile towards the final pages with a satisfactory end, making your heart content.  

P.S. The title and cover pic impressed me to the core. 


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