Review Time - A Leap Within by Ameya Agrawal

A Leap Within
                           -Ameya Agrawal

A great book like this from such a young author have enthralled me first. It is not any fictional but a nook of motivation. Talking about life, some inevitable truths are put forth, which we all have to live with. One best thing about this book is, you can pick any topic, anywhere and you can read it anytime. The stories in-between will keep the readers engaged and the way, the author penning his own life incidents to justify things is a brilliant move. Also, it brims with quotes of legends.

My favourite part in the book is ‘Exploring Yourself’. After completing the chapter, I have taken time to explore myself which is something new. Next comes ‘Love – A Weird Concept’ which will be everyone’s favourite. The author says about the commitments, relationship, do’s and don’ts and the mistakes we do.

Following two chapters: ‘Society and you’ – where you shall know about the society, how and where you belong in the society; ‘Developing the inside you’ – where you shall learn something to make yourself a little more better than you are; both these chapters are a must read.

The last few pages are like a checkmate, scoring the credits. Here you shall discover more about yourself, the way to lead your life and about the life. The book ends with tiny handy tips. Which are to remember ever, after the read.

‘A Leap Within’ is like a tonic to energize you; boost yourself. It is a casual read, simple yet motivational, with each word itching your mind. This book must decorate any bookshelf and I am glad that I have one. 


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