Review Time - Come back to leave me... again by Sohil Ashvin Shah

Come Back to Leave Me… Again
                                             -Sohil Ashvin Shah

‘So, it’s true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love’ – E.A. Bucchianeri

“Come back to leave me… again”

Well, the title itself will disclose the theme of the novel. Indeed, it is purely about love and pain, a tragic tale. The author has implied the literary technique ‘a frame work’ (a story within a story) in this novel. Which is quite new for me to witness among Indian writings. But without hinting anything related, let me only give a rough outline of the plot.

Siddhant, our protagonist, is a young man who madly and deeply fall in love with Hritisha. The story now is based on Dubai and the setting changes accordingly. Siddhant and Hritisha’s first meeting turns into an argument; but as a written law, it is their fight of little misunderstanding which then nurtures into a strong bond.

They start to share about themselves and soon grows fond of each other. All through this time, Siddhant is not sure of his feeling towards Hritisha, but then he undergoes a little heartbreak which makes him realise that Hritisha is the one for him.  

The love of Siddhant and Hritisha sprinkles the pages from this point and as a reader you will thoroughly taste the sweetness of love in Siddhant’s shoe. But then, fate has its own plans for everyone. Though they have managed a few problems before, the real problem arises when they disclose their relationship to their respective families.

It goes cool with Siddhant but not with Hritisha. Also, problem don’t immediately start when the two families meet, but it also doesn’t end smoothly. With this I force myself to stop from penning the painful part of the novel, which will stab your heart through the words. The title and cover pic have its own justification at the end of the tale. And man, the author has nailed the ending with the following lines:

‘The dust accumulated on the books has no power to change its story’

Reading this book, somehow has brought me the reminiscence of the tale ‘I too had a love story’ but just it has a different twist in the love. Consider this not a criticism but a compliment, because if you have loved that tale, you will surely fall for this book.  


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