Review Time - Seven by Aditi Nath

(years, days, minutes)
                               -Aditi Nath

“0h, the heart that has truly loved never forgets
But as truly loves on to the close” – Thomas Moore

If you truly love someone, the longer you wait, the deeper will be the love. But what gives the crucial pain to your heart and soul is when you wait, unaware if your partner is alive or not. Worth of love and waiting for love, is taught by experience.

Seven (years, days, minutes) by Aditi Nath is only a short story, but then the impact of love given through words will pierce through the heart.

The story sets with two main characters, Swara and Aditya. With Aditya as her tourist guide, Swara explores Nainital while Aditya explores her past life. I shall hold the life of our both characters a secret from you, but a crisp…

One person is married who waits for their partner, not just for days and months, but for seven long years, out of love. And we have another one, who still wonders if love will happen in seven days of time and confused about choosing the life partner. The love of one bewilders the other. Towards the end, one gradually falls for the other, unknowing that it is not going to last long. Some magic happens in the end proving, ‘Love is in the air’.

The author has justified the title all through the novel and the way of narration has scored the credits. In this month of love, do add some more essence to your love by reading this wonderful tale.  


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