Review Time - The Twist of Fate by Anjum Awasthi Malik

The Twist of Fate
                                  -Anjum Awasthi Malik

“True love is a mirror soul, essentially reflecting the deepest desire, needs, dreams and shadow elements of your soul. All other relationships through our lives can said to be the ‘preparation’ for it”
The tale ‘The Twist of Fate’ has a plot justifying these words.

The story goes like this…
Raahi, a simple girl with a dream to be independent comes to Noida to take up her job. Being a daddy’s girl, she feels bad about staying away from him but the excitement of being alone in the city make her happy to no extend. Unfortunately, her dreams scatters as she is compelled to live in the house of her uncle’s friend, Mr. Suresh.

Raahi’s father is obviously relaxed by their offer and it is Raahi, who feels bad. But the motherly love showered by Reena, Suresh’s wife, makes her overwhelmed. Grown up as a motherless child, she starts to feel the warmth love of a complete family and starts to feel comfortable over there. Aisha, their daughter, treats her as a good friend. Also, she gets to know about Aadit, their son, who currently lives in States.  

Looks like our heroine is in love, which we will come to know as she blabbers it to Aadit one night. Her prince charming is Abhimanyu, a love accepted after so many tests. Raahi expresses her love with brimming joy and soon they become quite good friends. But the real story starts only after Abhimanyu breaks his relationship with Raahi. Yeah you heard me right.

Aadit, who already being attracted to her and already been one through the breakup phase, soon gets along with her. Raahi undergoes her worst days, but Aadit helps her to get out of it. Soon she gets closer with him but she feels betrayed when Reena asks if she will marry Aadit; Aadit has already given a positive response to his mother.

Raahi gets completely broken and frustrated, and she wants to go back to her father, leaving everything behind. Also, Aisha is going to get married and she doesn’t want to be there in their family celebrations anymore. But then, something miracle happens which changes her approach towards her life.

What she realizes towards the end is, all the good things happened to her have been through Aadit, who secretly has taken care of her in order to make her feel better. When she is about to make a decision, Abhimanyu comes back asking for a second chance.

What is she going to do now? Who will her heart choose as a true love?
Unfold the tale for answers.

The plot may look just that simple from the surface but the way how the story goes is way beyond explanation. The language and narration are so crisp making the read, entertaining. The emotions of the characters are conveyed in the right manner, with justification to the title. The sweet essence of love and care in the end will linger in reader’s hearts for a long time. 


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