Review Time - The Blue Jinx by Nisha Thakur

The Blue Jinx
                       -Nisha Thakur

A story which is embedded with passion, friendship, love, mystery, thriller, horror, crime, revenge. The plot has touched all these genres which has made the novel incredibly good.

The protagonist of the tale is Nikhil. With the beginning, we will come to know about Nikhil, a young man, who tries hard to achieve success in his profession and prove himself to his family and the world. His father is reluctant about Nikhil’s work but it is Nikhil’s mother, who supports him in all aspects. Being an interior consultant, just setting up a business on his own doesn’t help him. But soon luck hits him through a client, who introduces Nikhil to Mr. Saxena. Nikhil is out of the world as he has got a huge project, which will indeed help him to prove his talent and to earn much.

Nikhil comes in contact with Mr. Saxena and the actual story begins with them reaching his old bungalow. The home looks so old and the place, creepy. Adding to the terror, the watchman says to Nikhil that he has witnessed ghost in the house and it is the room where Nikhil is going to live, the ghost exists. The ghost is of none others but Shanipriya, wife of Mr. Saxena and the room is the same where she has died. Weird behaviours of servant and secretary of Mr. Saxena confuses Nikhil to a greater extend.

But then comes our heroine, Samara, daughter of Mr. Saxena. Nikhil is instantly attracted to her but still he hopes only to be a good friend to her. When Nikhil is about to start his works, the problems too accompanies. He starts feeling weird and completely uncomfortable and disturbed. The tale from here, turns into a horror, involving some paranormal activities happening with Nikhil. It is only Samara who supports him all the time. But the actual truth when revealed, will leave the readers surprised.

It is in the verge, when Nikhil is about to lose his job, he finds something terrible. With Samara, they together dig the crime involved by using some tricks.

The way how the prologue reasonably connects with the epilogue is the end, scores the credit. With all kind of genres involved, the story will never make you feel bored at any point. The narration is simple and easy for the readers to grasp the story. The end, where supernatural believes upturn into real facts, is a clever move. 


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