Review Time - Down the Lane of Memories by Baishali Deb

Down the Lane of Memories
                                -Baishali Deb

“I have not broken your heart – you have broken it; and in breaking it, you have broken mine” – Emily Bronte

‘Down the Lane of Memories’ by Baishali Deb is a tale, which will compose your heart heavy through the pages and leave your eyes wet towards the end. The cover picture will itself steal your glance. If you are in search of a heart-breaking tale, then hold it tight and safe for this weekend.

The story goes this way…

A boy and girl, get to know about each other through Facebook; they eventually become friends and gradually fall in love. But then, at some point, looks like the boy doesn’t want to continue the love as he is unable to replace his lost love with the girl, for which he ends the relationship abruptly – naming it as friendship and leaving her heart, shattered.

You may wonder if the story line is really that simple. Yeah, it is. But the emotions embedded behind each word is indeed, deep. The sensations are carried in right proportion, with melancholy at its peak. The lost love of the protagonist in the last few pages will truly stir your heart by connecting the tale with our soul.

If you wanna read a tale, the plot of which will leave a mark in your heart, then this book is yours. It hardly takes an hour or so to complete the book but the impact which it will leave will stay long. The author being a girl herself, has penned the sufferings of the protagonist in such a way that will tear the heart.  


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