Review Time - Flying Without Wings by Rishabh Puri

Flying Without Wings
               -Rishabh Puri

“Love seeketh not itself to please,
Nor for itself hath any care;
But for another gives its ease,
And builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair” -William Blake

Finding a true love, who will treat you as their world, who will make you forget your pains, who shall be the reason for your happiness, is not so easy. But it’s easy to skip the bitter reality by burying yourself into the novels and have a better dream. What if such two lonely souls catch a glimpse of each other? What if they both fall madly in love? What if they find solace in each other’s words? What if they love to eternity with one warm hug and fly without wings with one tender kiss?

Yes, this love happens in the tale ‘Flying Without Wings’ by Rishabh Puri.

We have a handsome man, Karan, who is incredibly wealthy but increasingly lonely. He has got all the best things of the world, including his physical problem, excluding a good woman to love and care. The women who have been with him, were for his money and nothing else. He craves for a true heart to love him, and he finds his fantasy in books, through which he attains happiness to some extent.

We have a pretty girl, Milli, who is as lonely as our hero but not lucky with the wealth. She lives in a grimy house with her mother, addicted to drugs. Each tiring day begins with her nagging mom and ends with lonesome nights. All she wants is a man, to love her purely and take her to a farther country away from all her pains and sufferings. But all she can do is to dig herself deep into the lines of a tale and wait for her man love by dreaming about a blurred future.

The story starts with these two souls getting connected through a social media app. They share their pains, feelings, happiness, likes, hates, but to her, he still remains a mystery, as he is afraid of being heartbroken again. But at one point, they gradually and steadily fall in love and soon become inseparable.  

Finally, there comes a fateful situation which compels them to meet each other. All Milli see is a handsome man, in a lonely mansion, with scars over his body and pain pinning his heart. All Karan see is a pretty lady, whose attention is not towards the money but to please his heart, holding her own self-respect.

What us going to happen next? I shall leave it for you to discover.

‘Flying Without Wings’ is a book full of love, delighting us till the end. A story which will linger in your mind even after closing the book. I personally have admired the character of Milli, which is so relatable. And I can assure that each booklover will relate herself to the character of Milli, with a personal touch at certain point. The author very well knows about holding the suspense and maintaining the melancholic note. The reader will surely fall for the story and the love embedded in it.


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