Review Time - The Wiccan Waltz by Pragya Vishnoi

The Wiccan Waltz
-         Pragya Vishnoi

The very title of the book reveals the nature of the story. ‘The Wiccan Waltz’ is a Gothic novel, where the Witches, Wizards, Wands, Dark forest mysteries, Magic and so many secretive scenes are embedded in each page. With the completion of each chapter, we are introduced and experienced to a new cryptic enchantress scenes.

Anika Malhotra, the protagonist of the story, lives in the town of Nemtenh which is surrounded by Himalayas and naturally with snow. Being excelled in almost everything, Anika wishes to try her hand in magic. It may have remained only as a pastime unless she has experienced a strange dream, by which she ends in finding a teacher to teach her to be a Wiccan. Anika takes classes from Aparajita, a beautiful woman in her early thirties, a Wiccan herself.

Meanwhile, we are courted with the young love that blossoms between Anika and Ryan. She experienced the tenderness of love but before she can feel the depth, a huge blow comes to her belief on him as a thunder. Anika witnesses Ryan to be a vampire and she spots it when Ryan feeds off the blood of Shruti, dear friend of Anika. 

Anika is unable to digest the truth about Ryan. Ryan himself is a student of Aparajita and he being a vampire discomforts her more. The thought of loving Ryan without knowing anything about him, but his name, makes Anika feel bad. But then thinking Ryan to be the reason of most of the dead in the town, makes her feel the worst. 

Anika, knowingly or unknowingly has stepped into this and so starts to prepare herself to protect the town by fighting against Ryan, on sacrificing her love. Yet, Anika finds Ryan protecting her at times when Aashim tries to kill her and she sees the love in him for her.
When Anika finds out her own gift as a Wiccan, so many secrets are revealed. Anika gets to know about the things by using her gist of ‘Dream-walking’. She walks into the memories of the people around her and she gets to know about the past happenings and the present mysteries surrounding her. We will be knowing about Rohan, the twin brother of Aparajita, their love, Aashim, the past of Aparajita and more. 

Is Ryan a killer? What has happened to Rohan? Do Anika, Aparajita and Rohan win the fight against the dark wizards?? 

To unfurl these questions and to get delighted with so many twists of wand, read “The Wiccan Waltz”

Pragya Vishnoi is a young author and thus the charm can be seen in her style of writing through the pages. The imagination and creativity of author bubbles up in the story and it looks so natural. Unexpected changes and unpredicted twists in the further pages, makes the reader want to read the tale in a go. A touch of newness can be felt in the nearing end and the end, is actually a beginning. Waiting for the second book of The Wiccan. 

The Wiccan Waltz – An Unequalled Thunderbolt!!


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