Review Time - Despite Love by Siddhartha Srivastava

Despite Love
-    Siddhartha Srivastava

‘Despite Love’ is a romantic thriller novel. The story tempts with a beautiful love, tinges with true friendship and thrills with the crime. Travelling to the end, we are evaluated with suspense being submerged in every nook and corner of the pages. 

The story opens with the death of Smriti, the love of the protagonist Rishabh. When Rishabh is already broken by Smriti’s death, the truth that she has been killed comes as a thunderbolt. None can believe this, as Smriti has been kind and lovable to everyone. Aradhya, sister of Smriti, and other friends Ankit, Amita along with Rishabh are called for the investigation. With Rishabh’s words, the love tale of him and Smriti gets untied.  
Rishabh’s love for Smriti is a love at first sight. He falls for her when he sees her for the first time in Metropolitan University. They both pursue the same course and eventually they become good friends. With Aradhya and Ankit, they form the circle of best friends. 

Guessing he and Smriti have a good understanding, Rishabh proposes his love to Smriti on her birthday. To his surprise, Smriti accepts the proposal in a blinks time and their relationship is taken to the next level.

The love narration is penned so sweet to make it more memorable. Being graduated, they are constrained to move to different places. Rishabh flies to New York, Smriti and Ankit to Hyderabad while Aradhya sets to Bangalore. 

A luxurious life in a foreign land excites Rishabh to no level but the feel of being far away from his loved ones upsets him in no time. Yet he manages to move on with good friends like, Asheesh and Amita. Amita is also from Delhi and in the three-year work time of Rishabh, they have shared an understandable relationship. 

Daily calls and chats with Smriti gets into the blank space of Rishabh’s heart but fails to fill it. Shortly a reunion is planned in Hyderabad by the three and soon, Rishabh returns to India. Amita also joins him as she wants to meet her family.

Each moment of the reunion is made memorable by their friendship and love. Rishabh feels so lucky to have them in his life. But the everything changes when Rishabh commits a big mistake by kissing Amita, which is witnessed by Smriti. A love lost, maybe gained. But trust, once gone is gone forever. Smriti says about the breakup idea which is completely an unexpected thing for Rishabh. He has tried his best to convince her but it’s impossible to make his mistake undone. 

Smriti looks acting quite normal, or maybe for Rishabh, but everything goes away from his hand with the murder of Smriti. The story is upturned from romance to thriller from this part. 

The way of narration of the crime part makes the reader to suspect each character in the tale in all possible ways. When Ankit is found to be the murderer, everyone gets into a state of shock. Aradhya and Rishabh tries to accept the truth, but the death of Ankit, another murder, bewilders them. 

What has happened to others? Will Rishabh’s life be spared? Who is the serial killer? What’s the reason for him to kill?

To unleash the answers for these questions, grab “Despite Love” written by Siddhartha Srivastava. 

The romantic part of the novel quenches the thirst of the soul and the crime part, increases the pressure of the blood. The author, Siddharth, has made justification to his work. The story goes great, that once you get into it, you’ll want to untie the knots of the suspense hidden in each page. The climax comes as an unforeseen one. 

Despite Love – Anything can happen!!


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