Review Time - I Stand For You by Kastro Kiran

I stand for you
- Kastro Kiran
The story opens in Trivandrum junction where a huge number of students are waiting to board the train to Delhi. From the conversations of the major characters Rahul, Ananya and Shashank, we get hint of a serious issue for which everyone in the crowd have stood together to fight for the justice, Justice for Kreeti Bhagat.

The wheels of flashback rolls back for two years…

Rahul Roy, the protagonist of the novel, is a MBA student. Being the only son of a rich dad and coming from a successful business family, Rahul naturally excels in his studies. Shashank, a good friend and a well-wisher of Rahul, is also his classmate. Through him, Rahul is introduced to Ananya and later, Kreeti Bhagat. Soon they all become good friends. 

Though Ananya and Kreeti are seniors, they mingle with Rahul and Shashank so easily. At the very first meet of Kreeti, Rahul feels a different kind of feeling towards her. But later we can see that their thoughts are completely different from each other. Rahul is full of business mind, a selfish and his mind runs only behind money. He believes if a person has much money, then people and happiness will automatically surround him. Whereas, Kreeti finds happiness by helping the people around him. As we say, “Opposites attract”. The same happens with Rahul. 

Rahul gets attracted each day towards her by her activities. Soon he falls for Kreeti. Kreeti is a girl who cares for the happiness of others but fails to care about herself. Rahul wants to be in her life to take care of her. Being with her, seeing her activities itself changes the selfish character of Rahul. Knowing the past life of Kreeti and her life in Wayanad, deeply touches him and he opens his love to her. Their love tale starts from there. 

The brave nature of Kreeti wonders everyone and Rahul is no different from that. He often tries to make her not involved in issues, but she is very sure about doing them. While Rahul wants to protect his love form danger, Kreeti fights for the justice of people around her. Both win by their love. Such is their love and understanding.

But as an end card for all Kreeti’s activities, there comes an issue. An issue, which is more of danger, much political and lot threatening. Kreeti gets involved in it but what happens then is a complete shock to us!!  

‘I stand for you’ is a story which tells about the bravery of a girl, other than a romantic story. In this review, I have just brought out the love tale embedded in this heroism story. The story says about the power of woman, that of youth if joined together, standing and fighting for justice. 

While the contemporary writers of the author mostly choose a theme of romance, thriller and horror, Kastro Kiran has chosen a theme, where he brings out the selfless nature of a girl, who truly lives for nothing other than helping others, a rhetorician. The readers will also be evoked by their hidden feelings at some points. 

The characterization, plot narration is too good and the story is penned in such a way that a reader can easily live through the pages. A must read book, in this selfish society. 

I stand for you – Now and Ever


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