Review Time - When Opposites Meet by Sachin Garg

Review Time
When Opposites Meet
                  -Sachin Garg

It is not conceivable for every single pair, who are like two peas in a pod, to be destined. Occasionally we have to go with the actuality that “Opposite poles attract each other”. Personally, I feel, a bond of such kind will be so mutual than the other case and the same happens in ‘When Opposites Meet’ by Sachin Garg.

Here is the blurb of the story:

Indu, Ritwika and Jayant belong to one family, all encountering and tackling problems, thrown by their own life. The void in your heart need to be filled by the right person. Else, the same void will mock at you for the rest of your life. Indu being a divorcee, lives a simple life with her daughter Ritwika, who is physically challenged and her nephew Jayant, who has drawn himself a circle, away from the world.

The justification of the characters is remarkable that we will not be able to change the importance from one character to other. Each character stays firm to the ground. With these three we have another set of characters; Lokesh, Chetan and Aditi who enters their life, respectively.

With passing of time, each one start realizing that they aren’t just like the other random person passing their way, but those special ones, with whom they will reach their destinations.

The tale, does end with a happy note but before reaching the end, you will have to cross so many twists and turns, which will hit you abruptly and make the read, a worth.

What are the differences they find with each other? How do they blend together regardless their opposites? What happens when opposites meet?
To unlock the answers, grab the copy.

The author, Sachin Garg, has chosen a simple style of narration which will make any one to enjoy the story. Also, the three different love tales are set with three different age group which is an added point. Readers can easily picture the tale and grasp the essence of the plot. Certain picky lines will tantalize your mind, even after the read.

Is it even possible to get hold of our opposites??
Indeed!! After all, Humans are made to make opposites combine…


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