Review Time - Undelivered Letters by J. Alchem


Someone has said it right,
“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do”
That is how the story unfurls.

With Aron as the protagonist, we will travel through the tale and enjoy every nook and corner of the page. Walking through the past with Sara, Aron’s wife, reveals the sweetest love they’ve got. With few pages turned, the title ‘Undelivered Letters’ will be justified.

The tense of the plot starts with Aron discovering letters undelivered by him, which should have been delivered before twenty years. Sara herself is a living example who have waited for one such letter for years. Aron realises the importance of those letters and he sets out to deliver those.

Will he find the people alive, if so how will they react? Will he able to deliver his letters?
I wish these questions shall itch your mind and you straightaway run to read the tale. It’s available in e-book format.

I personally have loved the first part, the love tale of Adam and Cathy. This tale, I believe, will probably be readers’ choice who wish to fall in love with a handsome, adventurer and a bookaholic man.

The author rightly knows how to steal the attention of the readers and how to carefully make it sail till the end. We will be having three different stories revealing three various lives and people, acquainted with the undelivered letters. The characters are justified at its best. 

Undelivered Letters – Delivers emotions at the right time through right words. 


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