Review Time - Two Angels by Nivedita Vedurla

Two Angels
               - Nivedita Vedurla

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us” – Helen Keller

The story abruptly opens with the death of Esha, wife of Arun. The melancholic tome is set high with the painful cries and bitter truths, making our heart eel helplessly heavy. So, with the very first page, the bond is tied with the tale. With the death, the story then progresses to life, reminiscing the life of Arun, the protagonist.

The life of Arun is a complete chaos, and he is unable to find solace with anything. Each year he struggles in finding friends and the next year, again it happens with his dad’s transfer to another city. He finds no best buddies, until he sets his schooling at Mumbai in 6th grade. His life, it is meant to change from there, with Esha and her friends, Rohit and Priyanka.

Arun live the colourful days for the next four years until the 11th grade, when he is again compelled to part his way. The promises of staying in touch is soon forgotten, as there is no exchange between friends.

Time flies and Arun is considered to be the best employer in his office. Though he is successful, he doesn’t succeed in getting rid of loneliness. He cannot find true friends like those back in his school days and especially he misses Esha to the core. When he discovers that he is unable to build a relationship with any woman, he is troubled much. He feels a void in life, which cannot be filled by anyone, until something happens.

An alumni meet is arranged in his old school and he meets up with everyone, Esha too. Their bond grows stronger and the time he realizes Esha is his girl, with whom he wants to spend his life, she too confesses her love, but only after so much struggles.

You think, their love is going to blossom in the rest of the story? Well yeah, the author doesn’t disappoint us. But also, the fateful days are not over when Esha is found to have a dreadful disease. As the prologue has already conveyed the death, you may wonder what is left there in the tale! But the real story, the meaningful one, the sanctum sanctorum of the tale, it is the story travelling towards the end.

The author has penned a wonderful tale, which will hit the readers with all sort of emotions. The truth of life is brought to light at the end and the author has nailed it. The simple narration is an added credit, as one can easily get along with the tale.

The big puzzle for you to solve is, who is the second angel? Grab the book, to find her.


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