Review Time - A Twisted Tale by Anand Kumar

A Twisted Tale
-    Anand Kumar

‘Some students make wonders happen. Some students see wonders happening around them and some students just wonder what’s happening around them’
                                                                          Quoted from book

Yeah, this happens with the protagonist of our tale Akash, who pursues his M. Pharm in the same college where he has graduated B. Pharm. Akash has joined his PG alone, with all his buddies left to other places for their studies and job. In the very first day of the orientation class, Akash is insulted by his Principal about his lack of attendance in his B. Pharm in front of his new batchmates. He is embarrassed to the core and from then starts to ignore every comment passed on him.

Being tagged as ‘Love Guru’ by few, considered as ‘Lazy’ by many, believed as ‘Stupid’ by more, Akash moves on with his life by ignoring everything around him. Just then, to make him realize his own potential, to make him know his own worth, to make him understand himself, Simran steps into his life and remains as his best and special friend in all his worst and changes him for the best.

‘A true friend always does two things in extremes, one is silently caring and other is openly hurting, just to make you perfect’                        Quoted from book

This is what Simran does for Akash. As a true friend, she helps him to get away his laziness and turns him to someone whom he can really be.

With so many sweet memories from past and so much hatred towards his present, will this regular college goer become a successive man?

‘A Twisted Tale’ written by Anand Kumar will make you understand that you don’t always need a girlfriend to make your life happy and worthful. All you need is a friend, who really cares for you. The story is penned in a simple language and from the narration, we can get a glimpse of the characters who have been real in author’s life. The autobiographical elements are therefore evident.

Justification to the characters are made, which can be seen all through the tale. Also, we are entertained with a cure romance, which pops up now and then from the memories of the protagonist. Moreover, ‘A Twisted Tale’ is a tale that will make you feel so relatable with the turn of each page. 


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