Review Time - The Town of Mohaba by Nazanin Marzban

The Town of Mohaba
              -Nazanin Marzban

A story packed with magic and mystery in a world of spirits, is far from our thinking. One such tale which unfurls the life of spirits after their death, with the impact of magical realism is, “The Town of Mohaba” by the author Nazanin Marzban.

‘There is no denying that there is evil in this world but the light will always conquer the darkness’                                        - Idowu Koyenikan

As mentioned earlier, this tale is not a usual read which will be known from its start. More precisely, when we come to know who the protagonist is!! ‘Death’ yes, you heard me right. The beauty is that, the protagonist Death, Mahboo, in the long run of the tale will reveal his identity by himself for the first time only to his love, Mohabat, which is thoughtful.

A Short Glimpse Over the Tale:

Mohaba, once being an exquisite town with their natives and Angelious spirits, has then turned devilish. The darkness has crept into the town and the people are frightened for their lives. This is all because of the evil spirits, Devols, which have captured Mohaba. They surrounded the castle, Jewl, which seems to have much treasures hidden inside. But the Angelious spirits are unable to find what makes the Devols to protect the castle. Devols, with their evilness, surround the place and blocks the pass of light and happiness into the town. Each native is afraid about their life while the spirits and immortal souls, with Death and Buddha leading, prepare themselves to fight against the Devols.

While the main plot takes its course, the sub-plot emerges introducing the main characters, the immortal souls, Buddha, Mohabat and few others like Alo Hopi, Matin Heshmat, Delorah, Heshmat sisters, Neyolah, Heyoolah are introduced as the story unfurls. The immortal spirits, Mohabat as a warrior, Buddha as a wise spirit, Angelious spirits, other creatures, wizardly and sorcery activities will make one wonder. The affection of Death towards Mohabat, the way he holds his emotions, the purity of love and care are incredible.

‘Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil’
                                                                - Friedrich Nietzsche

These lines are proved towards the end with Mahboo in the past life of Mohabat.
The story is filled with so many twists and turns holding suspense and mystery at its peak. The colour plays as important role in differentiating good and evil. The darkness goes with evil, while the light stays for light. The tale has been penned in such a way that even the minutest movements of the characters are remarkable.

Will good win the battle? What has happened towards the end? What is the past of Mohabat? With turn of each page you will be lined with anticipation, each will raise a question and the answers will astonish you.

The story will never fail to entertain the reader and the author, Nazanin Marzban, has penned it in such a way. The language is delightfully simple and the words are picked tastefully. Tale holding a picturesque narration will make you get along with the tale with no trouble. The unimaginable things, unpredictable happenings, peculiar characters, idiosyncratic backgrounds and the unique plot of the tale has made the first part of the book, conquering!!

The Town of Mohaba – Never known ‘A Tale of Death’ will entertain me to this extent.


  1. Thank you for writing this heartfelt review for my first of the novel series, "The Town of Mohaba." You are an extremely talented writer in the literary world. I am honored and feel privileged that you reviewed my novel. I appreciate the amount of time and commitment that you also put into writing it. You have taken reviewing books to another level. I am truly grateful. Thank you.

    1. Glad you liked it!! It's my pleasure to have reviewed your book!! Best wishes, keep writing!!😊


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