Review Time - The Unpredictable Heart - MoKSh

The very title of the story leaves a clue in your mind about the theme of the novel. Yeah, it’s a love story of our protagonist Mrinav! Through the pages of the novel, we can feel the unstable love of this generation, which is portrayed so well and the words are seized by the pain of one sided love. 

Mrinav, being a young employee of an IT sector, starts to feel the shades of crush and love in alternate. But whenever he tries to touch and take the love, the shade of love fades away leaving only its fragrance, which pushes him into pain.

The journey of love in his life starts with Neeti, his first crush and ends up in deep feelings for Ankita. Love after love, his heart is pinned with pain, broken and at last completely shatters at the moment when Ankita abandons him. 

Finally Mrinav’s heart is healed and is wet by the shower of love, which is poured by Jiya. Will his love with Jiya last forever? Will Mrinav hold the love of his life? To know answers, do flip through the warm pages of “THE UNPREDICTABLE HEART” by MoKSh.

No different from is contemporary writers, MoKSh has also penned a love story. But still, every story is different and unique in its way, and in the way of the narration. The end of the novel is totally unpredictable and unexpected one, justifying the title.



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