Review time - Game Plan by Fredy Ilaviya



The novel opens with a prologue where the Chief Justice of the Mumbai High Court announces his verdict on the case Naina Daljeet Khurana. With the celebration on winning the case, two lawyers and a friend, the story is rolled back before eight years in which we put the shoes of Aakash, the protagonist, and travel through the pages.  

Aakash and Karan are two law students of J. L. Nathani College. Being fresher they are been ragged by their seniors, Kabir and his friends. The enemity between them sprouts there, which is nurtured when both fall in love with the same girl.

Naina Gill, one among the intelligent and beautiful girls, is also a classmate of Aakash. Aakash falls for her at the first sight and gradually it is carved into love. Same happens with Kabir when he sees Naina for the first time. But luck doesn’t remain in anyone’s hand, including Naina, who marries a man named Daljeet, being born in a conventional family. The real ‘Game Plan’ takes its first step when Naina faces an ignominious situation.

What’s that situation which turns Naina completely? What happens between Aakash and Kabir, when they move the coin of the Game? Does Naina finds a life which we can live for the rest? To know all these, do buy a copy of “GAME PLAN”

FREDY ILAVIYA, has penned down this story with so much of reality and makes it stand unique from the rest of the novel themes. With turn of each page, you get nervous an move to the corner of the seat to know the next.

Game Plan – Brilliant Outcome!!


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